I welcome you all of you to our fellowship this afternoon. I also wish to welcome all those that represented the club at the just concluded District Conference in Dar el Salaam.We had one of the best conferences as some of the members will testify. It was full of the best global speakers and entertainment. Our club was elated to receive both the Presidential Citation and an award from the District Governor for having championed the best project in the District for our Rotary Hospital in Mukono
Among the other speakers was Azim Jamal who talked about the Power of giving.I therefore wish to share a few of highlights that are so relevant to the Rotary movement:
Giving attracts wealth – the more you give, the more abundance you invite into your life. It invites independence and interdependence, not dependence; as your focus is on giving, not on taking.
Giving leads to family harmony because everyone likes to be around people who give. Also, you are able to forgive those who may have hurt you.
Giving improves your health as you feel positive and upbeat when you are a giver. It invites happiness, as the best way to find happiness, is to give happiness.
Giving turns negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Giving takes you away from being a victim to someone who is grateful for what he or she has.
Richness is ultimately defined by how much you give, not how much you have. Giving is a joy and a blessing! 
The moment you give – whether it is money, a gift, a prayer or even a positive thought – you create an instantaneous response.
Firstly, you feel good about your giving, creating a positive energy within you. Second, the good feeling you created within the receiver is reciprocated directly or indirectly.
Third, the universal law kicks in – when you give, you get!Once you give, subconsciously you know that it will be returned to you. This makes you confident, thus attracting more.
Sometimes the response to your giving is tangible. In most cases the response is intangible. Either way, when you give, you get!
As true Rotarians giving should be second nature to us and if it has not yet become a part of you, make the effort today and see how much joy it will bring you.
Light Up Rotary,
President David